Thursday, August 28, 2008

Now - for your listening pleasure!

You can now purchase my first solo CD!

All 9 songs are original compositions with a mix of accordion and piano with a blast of blues and ruse...all for a pocket full of change (aka $10) - with photography and a fancy schmancy cover and cd design by my lovely wife Jen (of Jen Martin Studios) and a guest appearance by my lil darlin Torrae who is always willing to sit in my accordion case and woo customers over to listen to me play (and then pocket the pocket change...but at least shes old enough to not try and eat it anymore...)

For information on booking me for your small events, weddings, house warming parties, and the like or if you would like to purchase one of my CD's - drop me an email at

Im also available for private parties - you want to ask her to marry you over a nice candle lit dinner or out on the beach under the moonlight - what better way to add a little romance than to have your very own accordionist playing sweet sweet lovey songs to warm your sweety up for the big question!? Call me...if we dont seal the deal together - Ill play for your next proposal for free! ;)

1 comment:

Betty said...

Glad I got to meet you, sad I never got to hear you play. Happy I can now buy your CD!